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Welcome to the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks

The United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the only maximum security correctional facility in the Department of Defense. It is the oldest penal institution in continuous operation in the Federal system. Operations started in May 1875 at the United States Military Prison (later renamed USDB) and continues to this date.

The USDB staff includes both civilian and service members of the Military Police Corps, Adjutant General Corps, Medical Corps, Medical Service Corps, Corps of Engineers, Chaplain Corps, Judge Advocate General Corps, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, and the United States Navy, working to achieve a progressive correctional community.

The USDB mission is to incarcerate U.S. military prisoners sentenced to long terms of confinement. Conduct correctional and treatment programs to maintain good order and discipline and reduce recidivism upon release; and, on order, provide trained and ready Soldiers to conduct world-wide deployments in support of contingency operations.

The USDB motto, "Our Mission, Your Future", symbolizes the "Can Do" attitude; the spirit of teamwork; and the philosophy of the USDB. The entire custodial staff provides individual treatment to inmates to prepare them for a self-reliant, trustworthy and respectable future. The USDB reflects on the past only to build for the future, emphasizing behavior, education, vocational skills and a chance to choose. The staff balances their critical duty to incarcerate, ensure good order and discipline, and to maintain a safe environment, with providing an opportunity for rehabilitation, hope, and a new start.

Correctional and treatment programs consist of individual and group counseling for self-growth and crime specific, education classes, and vocational training. Vocational training certificates are offered in barbering, carpentry, embroidery, engraving, graphic arts, laundry/dry cleaning, printing, sheet metal, and welding.

The USDB has continuously been accredited from the American Correctional Association (ACA) since 1988. The accreditation is a tool to measure compliance with nationally recognized standards for an adult correctional institution. The accreditation is valid for a three year period. To receive accreditation the USDB must meet or exceed more than 500 standards covering administration and management, training, physical plant, institutional operations, institutional services, and inmate programs.